Release notes

v4.0.0 Feb 23, 2021#


  • Next.js 10 support (along with getStaticProps/getStaticPaths)
  • Sitecore 10 support.

    Uniform now supports Sitecore 8.2 Update-7 to 10.x.

  • Sitecore XM topology support, previously Sitecore XP was required.
  • HTML Service's role is now bundled with the Page Service, which now returns both rendered HTML for MVC renderings or serialized Json of rendering's data source item, depending on rendering configuration. Separate HTML Service now removed.
  • Netlify is now fully supported as a managed deployment service.
  • Enhanced support for incremental static site export.
  • Media synchronization process with parallel upload and incremental change detection and related media resolution support, allowing to offload media delivery from Sitecore Content Delivery to Azure Blob Storage with a CDN in front.
  • GUI for the Initial Content and Media Sync with the ability to monitor the status of the content and media sync process within the Sitecore shell.
  • Revamped site configuration management, allowing for more flexible and advanced configuration on items or config elements or both.
  • First-class support for both self-hosted build/export service and managed/hosted service with Netlify.
  • Limited support for Sitecore SXA.

Enhanced extensibility#

  • Ability to control item children serialization via AddExpandChildrenRule.
  • Ability to resolve page-level items that require export getPageDependencies pipeline, this facilitates support for incremental export when datasource items are published.
  • Map service extensibility, allow to support custom item wildcard scenarios or aliases, or any other custom item resolution logic you have in your solution.
  • Page service extensibility.
  • Ability to extend the HTML โ†’ JSX processing instructions to override DOM during MVC site export (Reference id 1144).

Misc improvements#

  • Starter kits refactored and simplified.
  • Administration page /sitecore/admin/uniform allows the check of the current configuration of the Sitecore module.
  • More out-of-the-box field expanders allowing to serialize more field types in JSON out of the box.
  • Override the origin host of where the data from Uniform APIs will be fetched from using the new fetchHost site attribute (#890).
  • Accessing rendering parameters in React rendering (#896).
  • Ability to control whether a given rendering needs to be excluded from MVC rendering process and its datasource serialized as JSON by adding it tojavaScriptRenderingOverrides in the configuration. Previously had to change the rendering item template.
  • Ability to configure content items that trigger full redeploy via fullDeploymentRules (#901).
  • Uniform version is now checked and validated before start.
  • Enhanced support for self-hosted preview service integration.
  • MVC Precompilation kit, allowing to improve MVC rendering speed which helps speed up export time (#926).
  • Uniform Service status request will now fail when Sitecore is not responding (#671).
  • ?token query string parameter renamed to ?uniform_token (#1040).