Known issues

v4.0.0 Feb 23, 2021#

  1. The "Optimize" feature (tracking and edge personalization) is not included in this release (it's coming shortly in 4.1).

  2. Some Sitecore 9 versions (9.0.0 and 9.0.1 specifically) are not supported in this release due to a breaking change in Sitecore Diagnostics API. 9.0.2 and above are supported. Contact us for the hotfix if you are running these earlier versions.

  3. The value of the Uniform.API.Token and the UNIFORM_API_TOKEN environment variable must be lowercased.

  4. The Nuxt starter kit is not updated to v4.0 yet.

  5. Media items with duplicate names are re-uploaded during every Media Sync operation. Resolving duplicate item names is a pre-requisite for the stable operation of the connector (reference id #925).


    • Ensure that the AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel setting is set to false: <setting name="AllowDuplicateItemNamesOnSameLevel" value="false" />
    • Remove any items with duplicate names at the same level of the content tree using Sitecore Powershell Extensions module or ad-hoc script
  6. If Content Sync is enabled, the Map Service API output will be re-synced without the publish handler enabled (reference id #515).

  7. Item changes are not picked up during incremental deployment if the item's __Standard Values have changed (reference id #462).

  8. Since the Incremental Deployment is not enabled by default, any Sitecore publishing operation, in any mode even single item publish, will trigger full site redeployment. This will delay the end of the publish operation. Consider setting up Incremental Deployment as described here to change this default behavior (reference id #265).

  9. Using Sitecore 9.3, you may be affected by a known issue where sometimes the Sitecore links are generated incorrectly. Please request a hotfix from Sitecore Support using id #393126 as a reference, or upgrade to Sitecore 10.

  10. For Sitecore 8.2 installations where the CM and CD instances are split out, some configuration files Uniform ships will need to be adjusted for CM/CD split, as the Role Configuration is not officially supported in those earlier versions of Sitecore.

  11. SXA support limitations:

    • Datasource items that have their own layout are not supported yet.
    • Page designs are not supported yet.
  12. The Netlify deployment provider does not support incremental HTML generation phase (this is mitigated by an incremental Content Sync).

  13. Deleting an item requires a subsequent republish operation of any other page-level item that is in scope for a given Site Configuration in order for Content Sync and Deployment to handle deletes.

  14. Renaming or moving an item requires republishing operation of the subtree starting with the item that was moved or renamed.