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Uniform for Sitecore

Uniform for Sitecore helps Sitecore customers to achieve the performance, scalability, cost and security benefits of the modern web without requiring expensive, risk and time-consuming upgrades.

Uniform for Sitecore offers two capabilities: Deploy and Optimize. These capabilities can be used separately or together.

Our mission#

Our mission with Uniform for Sitecore is simple:

We empower Sitecore customers to meet the demands of today's web, incrementally, and without requiring upgrades.

We designed Uniform for Sitecore with the realities of Sitecore implementations in mind:

  • Each implementation is unique.
  • Upgrading to a new Sitecore version is hard.
  • Upgrading a Sitecore license can be expensive.
  • Customers are more successful when they can implement technology changes on their own terms and at their own pace.
  • Modern sites have to scale & perform in ways that were unimaginable when Sitecore was created.

Our team#

The Sitecore team at Uniform worked at Sitecore for many years, and were involved in almost every step of the journey from a small, Danish web content management vendor to a recognized, global industry leader in the digital experience space.