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Uniform Optimize

Uniform for Sitecore brings the benefits of decoupling and modern architecture to brands using Sitecore for their web content and digital experience management platform. Uniform Optimize for Sitecore decouples tracking and personalization from Sitecore CD (content delivery) instances, resulting in:

  • Increased performance - Uniform offloads personalization to a CDN, which increases site performance by reducing TTFB (time to first byte) virtually as low as it can go.

  • Instant & automatic scalability - Uniform shifts the resposibility for scaling to the CDN, a network that is designed to handle the global scaling requirements for the largest and most popular sites in the world.

  • Reduced architectural complexity - The architecture required for a Sitecore site that incorporates personalization is extremely complex. Maintaining it requires a level of product knowledge and experience few people possess. By reducing or eliminating the need for Sitecore instances at runtime removes this complexity, and its attendant costs.

  • Improved integration with existing marketing tools - By decoupling tracking and personalization from the Sitecore page-rendering process, data that is normally locked in Sitecore is immediately available to the tools that marketers use every day, like Google Analytics.

Traditional architecture#

In the traditional Sitecore architecture, tracking and personalization are tightly coupled with the page rendering process. This means the Sitecore CD instances must perform essential tasks for each and every visitor request. The more work the CD instances have to handle:

  • The slower the site is
  • The smaller the load each CD instance can handle
  • The more expensive it is to run the site
  • The more complex the runtime architecture is

Decoupled architecture#

Uniform enables a decoupled architecture where tracking and personalization are off-loaded from the Sitecore content delivery environment. The result is that the load on the CD instances is reduced significantly, if not eliminated entirely.