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This section covers the APIs available to developers who need to support the custom personalization conditions on their Sitecore sites.


Personalization engine#

The runtime environment where personalization rules are executed. In traditional Sitecore, the personalization engine is a part of the Sitecore CD server. With Uniform, the personalization engine is decoupled from Sitecore. The personalization engine runs on the edge.

Personalization condition#

A personalization condition is something that must be true in order for personalization to be activated. The following are examples of conditions:

  • The current date earlier than January 1, 2021.
  • The visitor is located in a country in the EU.
  • The visitor responded to a recent email campaign.

Edge-side personalization#

Edge-side personalization involves personalization running on a CDN. Uniform converts personalization rules configured in Sitecore into a format that can run on the CDN.