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Known issues

5.0.0 (June 28, 2021)#

  1. For JSS sites that use Deploy + Optimize, SPA navigation (client-side routing) is not supported out of the box and requires some fine tuning. Contact our support if you have this use case.

    See the release notes for more details.

  2. Dispatch event handler cannot be specified on Sitecore tracker hook (#1727).

    Uniform tracker triggers an event when it dispatches visitor activity to external systems. The tracker allows developers to set event handlers in order to dispatch visitor activity to custom destinations.

    For sites built using MVC, an HTML helper is used to add the tracker to a page. The HTML helper enables developers to specify event handlers for the dispatch event. For sites built using JSS and React, the Sitecore tracker hook serves the same purpose, but the hook does not currently provide a way to set an event handler for the dispatch event.

4.0.0 (Feb 18, 2021)#

  1. Uniform Optimize is not included in this release.
  2. The Nuxt starter kit is not updated to v4.0 yet.
  3. Deleting an item requires a subsequent republish operation of any other page-level item that is in scope for a given Site Configuration in order for Content Sync and Deployment to handle deletes.
  4. Renaming or moving an item requires republishing operation of the subtree starting with the item that was moved or renamed.
  5. Media items with duplicate names were be re-uploaded during every Media Sync operation. Resolving duplicate item names is a pre-requisite for the stable operation of the connector.
  6. Map service Json will is re-deployed without publish handler enabled (#515).