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Typical Jamstack architecture with Uniform for Sitecore

The Jamstack for Sitecore section introduced the concepts of Jamstack in the context of the world of Sitecore. One of the most appealing aspects of Jamstack is that it is an open architecture, which means you can adjust the concrete implementation to fit the particular constraints of the existing solution and existing infrastructure. This architecture doesn't list specific technologies or platforms; we keep it abstract to demonstrate the core concepts which function in on-premise and PaaS Sitecore deployments.

The subsequent Deployment and Hosting section will describe how this architecture fits into a specific hosting platform.

Jamstack architecture with Deploy#

The architecture including both Deploy and Optimize is coming soon.


The Uniform logo indicates where different parts of Deploy capability are activated.

Diagram notes:

  1. The Sitecore instance could be a CM, or it could be a combination of CM and CD instances, depending on the most appropriate use case. This instance should be able to serve the published content from the web database.

  2. It is an optional feature that allows offloading Sitecore Media Library assets to Blob Storage, known as the Media Sync feature. The target blob container could be dedicated or the same container as the static site container. Typically a CDN is configured in front of Blob Storage to accelerate media delivery globally and handle more image-specific optimizations at runtime. Some fit-for-purpose image CDNsare potentially a great fit here.

  3. Content Sync is another optional capability. Think about it as a cache for Uniform APIs that the source for the content extraction process instead of Sitecore instance. Once enabled, the update incrementally, by Uniform Connector, is listening for changes during Sitecore Publishing. Because of this, pages need to be updated in this content cache. This phase of extracting content from the Sitecore instance is more costly during the static site generation process. Content sync not only allows you to speed up this phase but fetching content from Blob storage is much faster than from a Sitecore instance. It removes the need to have a network connection between the Build Service and the Sitecore instance, behind the firewall and the Build Service in another managed environment.