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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go "headless" with Sitecore to use Optimize?#

No, in fact, we built this capability in a way that you don't have to make any code changes to your existing solution, as Optimize can interpret Sitecore personalization rules, as well as custom ones, and have them execute on the edge.

Do I need to do Jamstack with Deploy to enable edge personalization?#

No, you don't have to, but Optimize is built to be compatible with Jamstack architecture as well, but also Optimize is compatible with Sitecore MVC and JSS solutions as is, whether you use the Deploy part of Uniform for Sitecore or not.

What presentation technologies are supported?#

Both Sitecore MVC and Sitecore JSS are supported. The support for Sitecore JSS is quite special, as Optimize allows to maintain the Single Page Application architecture and personalize not only HTML of rendered pages, but also Layout Service requests (JSON).

Does it mean that all variances of my content can be seen in the browser โ†’ view source?#

No. While it's true that the Sitecore origin server returns all the variances of a given component, the CDN layer ("the edge") rewrites the response before it is sent to the client (the browser), so the client only sees the only variance they are supposed to see based on their user context.

What are the supported CDNs?#

Currently, Optimize supports Akamai CDN as the edge-personalization execution engine with more CDN support coming soon. If you'd like to use Optimize but using a different CDN, hit us up at

The "tracking" part is independent from any CDN, as it runs in your browser using JavaScript.