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Before getting started

  1. Consider reviewing the Introduction section to understand the core concepts behind Uniform for Sitecore and basic architecture.
  2. Deploy of the Uniform for Sitecore module allows adopting the Jamstack methodology with your Sitecore solution, independently of your current version, the topology, or presentation technology. We highly recommend having a solid understanding of the concepts of Jamstack. Some recommended resources:
  3. Experience with Sitecore is required; whether you are using MVC or SXA, or JSS, this is a product for Sitecore. Depending on how you use the product, you will need a more advanced understanding of these topics, such as Sitecore configuration, pipelines, and Dependency Injection, if you need to extend it.
  4. React or Sitecore MVC - familiarity with the core concepts of Next.js is highly recommended. If you have never used Next.js before, we recommend you complete an online tutorial.
  5. Vue.js - familiarity with the core concepts of Nuxt is highly recommended.