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Uniform decouples tracking and personalization from the Sitecore content delivery process, meaning that you are not dependent on Sitecore XP to provide tracking and personalization features. However, for Sitecore customers who are already using these Sitecore XP features, Uniform offers the following features to support the ability to continue to leverage the Sitecore Experience Database:

  • Capture visit activity in Sitecore Xdb - With Uniform, the client-side tracker ensures that page-load speed is not affected by the tracking process. The tracker can send a request to the Sitecore CD instance in order to ensure visit activity continues to be captured in Xdb even when the Sitecore CD instance does not handle the page request.
  • Load historical data from Sitecore Xdb - Customers who have already been using Sitecore Xdb to collect visit activity may want to be able to personalize on that data. Loading historical data from Xdb into the Uniform tracker makes this possible.

This section covers how to use these features.